Books for Sale

There are a few books for sale from Don Roley. Mainly translations at this point. Please stop back later if you don’t see something you like. New books are added every few months.

For domestic shipping, the cost to send by media mail is 3.50 for one book, 5 dollars for two. Due to the extreme variances in cost, please write for international shipping and the cost of more than two books.

Here are the books for sale.

The Secrets of Koga-ryu Ninjutsu. This book is a translation of Fujita Seiko’s book, “Ninjutsu Kara Spy-sen e.” Fujita was the last ninja of the Koga tradition of ninjutsu. In this book are the secrets he learned as part of his training of ninjutsu.

The cost per book is 27.95.

The Last Ninja of Koga- the Autobiography of Fujita Seiko. This work is mainly the story of Fujita’s interesting life. It is more of a story than an instruction manual. But the gleanings gained from reading it are not without value.

The cost per book is 15.95.

Shurikenjutsu by Fujita Seiko.

This book deals not only with traditional Japanese throwing weapons called the shuriken, but also has sections on knife throwing, spears, specialty weapons and even an effective way of throwing rocks.

Cost is 17.95.

Densho #1 (Actual cover is different.)

This collection of essays and articles is the first of a semi- regular publication. In this, the first issue, there are four articles. The book is 102 pages and 8 1/2 by 11 in size.

Cost is 11.95

Densho #2

This issue has articles on the Nagamaki, two chapters by Fujita Seiko, The poems of Ise Yoshimori and a continuation of the translation of Masaaki Hatsumi’s “Togakure-ryu Ninpo Taijutsu.

Cost is 11.95

The Spiritual Influence of Ninjutsu.

This book is an introduction to the religious aspects of traditional Japanese martial arts, including ninjutsu.

Geared for a beginner, it does not presuppose a lot of experience with Shinto or any other religion.

It is mainly geared toward those who wish to understand context and references than the person wishing to follow particular religious practices.

Cost is 16.95

The Honor of Koga-ryu Ninjutsu

First published in 1915, translated in 2015. This is a work of fiction about the ninja. It is not going to teach you how to be one, but is an example of the type of literature of the time. The image of the ninja in this work is far different than what we are used to now. Not the greatest piece of fiction, it may only be for those who want complete knowledge of the image and history.

Cost is 14.95

The third issue of Densho.

This issue has an article on sword stuff. It could be called sword trivia since it details stuff you won’t find in most sword styles but the samurai had to know it. Stuff like how to run effectively with a sword, how to sit and draw a sword in armor and things like that are covered.

Then there is a large article translating a historical ninjutsu densho. It mainly deals with night attacks and raids.

Last is the continuation of the translation of Masaaki Hatsumi’s work, “Togakure-ryu Ninpo Taijutsu.” This time, the number of pages is expanded to finally finish off the first section.

Cost is 11.95.

The fourth issue of Densho.

Contents include Ninjutsu/ Kiai no Jutsu Hiden, The Sword of Kashima and a continuing translation of Togakure-ryu ninpo Taijutsu.

Cost is 11.95

The fifth issue of Densho (Not yet pictured)

Contents include Sohei- Warrior Monks of Japan,

The Five Emotions and Desires, the Ninja Method of Manipulation and

Togakure ryu Ninpo Taijutsu- Translation continues.

Cost is 11.95

There is now a translation of the Bansenshukai, Shoninki AND Ninpiden for sale now in a work called the Tomes of Ninjutsu. The cost is 65 dollars plus shipping. Please write for availability before ordering.

The Secrets of Koga-ryu Ninjutsu by Fujita Seiko.
The Last Ninja of Koga, The Autobiography of Fujita Seiko.
Shurikenjutsu by Fujita Seiko.